Snapshots of life that I get to call mine.


For some reason the thought of sitting down and reading a book seems so very sexy to me. Here’s the trick I HATE reading and I used to avoid it so much that I would try to not read street signs while in the car. DUMB! People find the way you like to read and do it. Being unread isn’t cool!


Becoming - Michelle Obama

I am about 1/3 into this book and guys it does not disappoint. I love her already so getting to know her through her own leans is fun. She does a good job setting the stage for who is is now. I am excited to read on.

Girl was your Face - Rachel Hollis

I can not recommend this book more!!!!! This book has helped me be willing to be me. It has helped me understand what success for me is. Girl Wash your Face is a book for any women who wants more. Seriously GO GET IT!