Snapshots of life that I get to call mine.

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m a wife to 1, Mom to 3, and love beautiful things. I have been married since 2012 and we started having kids in 2014. My hope is to curate beauty of much in this small space.

My story is a simple one but it’s mine. I am a stay at home mom that needs beauty. I need adults. I need a date night. I need true friends. I need a simply color pallet (I am terrible at this!). I need sleep. I need Jesus. I need fashion. I need a snack. I will also take a glass of wine! I hope to inspire you to decorate, to get dressed up and go out, to be honest, but most of all to enjoy your life.


BEAUT /byo͞ot/

NOUN a particularly fine example of something.

beaut is sometimes confused with bute - a drug for horses. I can assure you there will be very little to none about horses.