Snapshots of life that I get to call mine.


I am a major extrovert that needs some serious adult conversation, an easy and free way to scratch this itch is listening to what people put out there.


The Armchair Expert - Dax Shepard

Dax meets with a famous person… That’s about it. They talk life, they talk work, and they laugh a lot. I’ll be honest that I skip people that don’t interest me and his can run a little long. Some upwards of 2 hours.

Rise Together

This is the best marriage podcast I have found. I do Jesus so starting off with a Jesus bend is key for a marriage podcast, for me. But good Lord just because we do Jesus doesn’t mean things need to be all G rated! “I love Jesus and I curse a little” - Chick from Ellen years ago, and me.

Also this podcast is what introduced me to the Hollis’ I’m a big big fan! (again Image is stollen from their site) - do I need to do this?

The Lady Gang

A podcast where three women in Hollywood speak honestly. They speak a language I relate to. They can be funny, crude, sassy, dry, and man I wish I was their friend. In my dreams I am their fourth.