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From hair care to Facebook TV here are some things I like.


Kristen Ess Hair Care

Found at target for a wonderful price! Seriously one of my favorite lines EVERY! I am due for a full blog post of what I use. If you need a new, basically anything for your hair you should head to Target and try her stuff. All the names of product are basically what they do. The price for what you are getting can’t be beat!

The Skimm

The is a cliff notes news site that is cheeky because let’s be honest don’t we all want comic relief when reading/watching the news. I also think they stay pretty factual it doesn’t feel like they have a strong side other than pushing the information.

The Red Table

A conversation lead by Jada Pickett Smith and, most of the time her Mother and Daughter. She is willing to go there for a watch. She speaks on some pretty hard stuff but her outlook is spot on in my book. She loves herself and you. I actually believe that. She is pro you being the best you. The is on Facebook.